Few examples of activities during the different seasons. For these activities we lease out the equipment required.

In the late winter when it gets light again sunshine attracts to cross country ski on the ice. Another option is to walk with snow shoes through the woods in the snow. It's also really exciting to go ice fishing and naturally there is always available some snacks and hot drinks to take with to the fishing trip. We also rent a snowmobile for a tour through the snowy woods around the area.

Usually snow and as well the ice on the lake melts away by beginning of May. When spring comes the nature is full of life when all the birds move back from the south and grass and flowers start grow again. This time of the years it possible to take rowing boat out to the lake or try to see some swans from the canoe.

Sauna plays a big role in finish culture. During the summer time we can offer you a very traditional finnish smoke sauna which is said to heal all the illness. Another sauna can be found right by the lake where you may enjoy the sunset while refreshing in the lake for instance.

We also arrange a boat tours to Kuopio where can be found some nice restaurants and night live at Kuopio harbor. If you like dancing with live music an original finnish dancing place can be found from 25 minutes of boat drive from us.

You can do all this and much more according to your own schedule and will. Some activities for example the boat tours needs to be scheduled before hand and we will do our best to fit it to most convenient time for you. We think that if you have will and right attitude we can arrange almost anything together.


Around our house the fields and the forest are good places to cross country ski. We can make a skiing track for classic style to the fields around the house or on the ice. This is a really a pleasant way to enjoy the sun during the late winter or experience the polar night and cold weather in middle of the winter.

In Siilinjärvi the town 16 kilometers away at place called Patakukkula locates a small cross country skiing resort. There can be found tracks for more advanced skiers. There are also few challenging tracks for professionals with both classical and skate styles. The total length of these track is close to 20 kilometers.


Snow shoes are the right choice when you want to walk in deep snow and get some exercise for your legs. Snow shoes can also be used when hiking or ice fishing on the lake. About 1,5 kilometers away on the island locates a small shelter where you can set a fire and cook some finish sausage on open fire for instance.


We have to snowmobiles one for single person and one for two persons. If you have no earlier experience of driving the snowmobile we will take you to a tour. More advanced users can drive by themselves on the marked track around the farm. On the ice it is possible to drive more freely.

In Finland we also have many official tracks for snowmobiles which are connected together making a kind of a network thru the country. To these tracks can be found ten minutes away from us. If you are familiar with snowmobiles it is really amazing experience to take a snowmobile trip to the skiing resort Tahkovuori for example.


During the summer time it is possible to canoe or row on the lake. There is available one kayak for two persons and naturally a traditional finnish rowing boat made of wood. Fishing is also possible but license must be bought individually.


Boat tour is absolutely the most outstanding way to see the lakes around us. In Finland there are many lakes and even more islands. Most of the lakes are connected to each other and by boat it is also possible to travel very long distances. For instance from our house can be traveled all the way down to the sea even though our place locates in the middle part of the country. Tours arranged by us last from 1 hour up to 4 hours. This is enough of time to travel to Kuopio or just around the lakes near around and get a picture of great lake land of Finland.

Boat tours need to be booked beforehand. This is because we need our "captain" Pekka to drive the boat and he travels quite often because of his work. This way we can ensure you this unforgettable trip.

SAUNAS - On Full Steam

The relaxing warmth of a good sauna. A refreshing dip in the calm lake. Your mind rests and your body feels like new. With your partner or alone in peace.

During the summer we have two different saunas in use. Smoke sauna which is something you can only experience in Finland. Smoke sauna locates right next to our house. Building is about hundred years old traditionally made of logs. Sauna has been renovated few years ago and also the fire place was renewed. It takes about hour and half to warm the smoke sauna up.

Another sauna locates 100 meters away from the house right by the lake. This Sauna can be heated up in half an hour and during summer we use this one more daily.

When cold weather comes in the fall we will start using our sauna inside of the house. This sauna heated up continually also thru the summer so there is a possibility to take a sauna even right after waking up.


for two people

for one person