On vacation when having some free time you have a good chance to take care of your beauty or go shopping for new clothes. If you want to have a haircut or have your eyelash extension we can arrange these services at our house.

Beauty services are really useful for instance when going to a wedding or some other party and staying overnight around this area. Men can also enjoy these services for example having a haircut.

Beauty services are done by Laura-Maria who is professional on cosmetics and hairdressing. She is graduated make-up artist and hairdresser.

Below is an example price list of beauty services. Individual services may also be provided according to our and Laura's schedule. Pricing for these will be agreed separately.

- Coloring of eye lashes and brow total 25€
- Lashs extensions 75€
- Haircut
    * Men from 10-20€
    * Women from 28-35€
- Hairdressing from 40€
- Make-up from 40€

Beauty services need to be booked before hand and we will confirm the availability case by case. Laura has also her own business which is why availability of beauty services can ensured when booking them before hand. A week before arrival is usually enough.

When you want to shop for some new clothes we recommend to visit Laura's partly owned private clothing shop S.W.A.K in city center of Kuopio. Shopping can be done when taking a boat tour to Kuopio for instance. S.W.A.K locates a walking distance away from Kuopio harbor. This way you will visit the enjoyable harbor area and city center of Kuopio.


for two people

for one person